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Placed an order, on line. Apparently a 55 minute wait. That's fine! However, after an hour and a half, had to phone up and enquire. The person answering the phone, disappeared for several minutes, to come back and say it was just being sorted and would be out in 5-10 minutes. Food arrived, half an hour after that conversation, with a complimentary bottle of Cobra. The delivery persons manner was one of a not bothered attitude, despite the fact I wasn't blaming them for the lateness of the meal. As for the meal, despite, allegedly being just cooked, the starters were cold, the poppadoms were not crispy, and in all totally dissatisfied with the whole experience. Will not be using here again.

Sandra, 20 Jun 2021

Needs to add Apple Pay etc to booking system!!!

Noname, 20 Jun 2021

Good evening, yesterday we ordered a meal for 17:55. At 18:25 I had to phone to find out the delay. It arrived at 18:55. It would have been nice to be kept updated on the reason why, which you have done in the past. Besides that your meal is beautiful, full of flavour and spices and a pleasure to eat. PLEASE keep us up to date if there is a problem again. Kind regards Granville

Granville, 17 Jun 2021

That was a great meal. Will be having that again thanks.

Stephen, 30 May 2021

Our food is very very late and more worryingly no one is answering the phone at all. This is terrible service!

Natalie Days, 21 May 2021

Swift and efficient. Excellent food

Colin Hart, 15 May 2021

Excellent food and very efficient service - would recommend

Jennifer , 14 May 2021

Really great service during these difficult times. Can’t wait until we can eat in again.

Peter, 12 May 2021


Danny, 11 May 2021

I love this place for Indian or BIR curry, it’s top notch.

John, 03 May 2021

You need to sort out Amanda / Duncan Parkinson in Carleton. They had a poor experience a few weeks ago and won't re-order as they weren't told the truth. They tended to order £60 every couple of weeks and always enjoy the food. They're friends of mine and are likely to re-order if you can win them back. Cheers, Sam Aga

Sam, 25 Apr 2021

Great service as always

Jackie, 23 Apr 2021

We love this restaurant! Quality service, food and delivery

Karen, 23 Apr 2021

Very accurate estimated time of delivery and brilliant food

Stephen, 17 Apr 2021


Amazing quality Indian food and easily the best quality takeaway you can get delivered to great ecc. Just a shame my missus ain’t into Indian much so we only rarely get it. Service is great too.

Stewart, 04 Apr 2021

Friendly and brilliant service

Sharon Turner, 03 Apr 2021

Quick and efficient service and delicious food

Jan Cresswell, 03 Apr 2021

Brilliant service

Chris Mustow, 02 Apr 2021

Looking forward to a lovely takeaway ... a real treat in lockdown ... being a little indulgent but it works for me ... and will last me a couple of days .. so lovely to be cooked for!! Great tasting food with good sourced ingredients, great flavour and chef will alter or adjust to what you want and recommend other dishes and you can collect for 20 percent discount or get free delivery in Poulton area ... just try it!!!

Lisa Marie Gilchrist, 30 Mar 2021

Excellent service as always even though busy I recommend the Lemon Tree, always freshly cooked good ingredients which they will adapt for your requirements ... they always cook the food as you want snd will recommend their best dishes ... friendly and great to have such a gem in Poulton Le Fylde and they offer discount too ... Bon Appetit ... sounds really lovely ... Lisa M ...

Lisa Marie, 30 Mar 2021

Already excellent service and delicious food every time we order.

Helen , 28 Mar 2021

The best Indian for miles

Paul, 27 Mar 2021

So good this place we order every weekend always spot on!

Michael, 21 Mar 2021

Impressed with the food , top class ... shame they forgot my bottle of coke but other than that .. quality

William, 17 Mar 2021

Always good in these awkward times. Good delivery. Tasty authentic food.

Peter, 14 Mar 2021

Consistently Excellent Food and Service Always delighted! We only use Lemon Tree for takeaway!

Roy, 14 Mar 2021